A Rare Focus
Patients living with a rare disease or condition have their own unique journey.

Surveys of patients and caregivers with rare disease report that, to get a proper diagnosis, a patient typically visits up to 8 physicians and receives 2-3 misdiagnoses. This can take an average of 7 years! i

Even armed with the right diagnosis, the road ahead for a patient with a rare disease is still a challenge. The rarity of the condition can make it difficult for patients to find the support they need, often generating anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation. ii Moreover, while there are over 7,000 identified rare diseases and disorders, only about 5% of them have approved therapies. iii


While there are over 7,000 identified rare diseases and disorders, only 5% have approved therapies.

Yet, we are making progress. The internet and social media make it easier for patients and caregivers of those with rare diseases to connect with others with the same condition. And in 2017, FDA granted 77 orphan drug approvals, and 476 orphan drug designation requests. iv


2017, FDA granted 77 orphan drug approvals & 476 orphan drug designation requests.

We focus our work on patients with rare diseases and conditions because their burden is too often carried alone, because the road to diagnosis is unlike any other, and because the decision to start therapy can be emotionally fraught after living years without a treatment option.

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