About the Team
Passion with a purpose. We love what we do. How could we not?
We partner with our clients and listen to their patients. And why? Because we are all working toward the same common goal: to improve the lives of patients living with rare disease through community, conversation, education and novel therapies. Meet our team!
Cherie Myatt
President, The CM Group
Alexandra Dubois
Vice President, Patient Engagement
Christina Vail
Group Director, Patient Engagement
Mila Woodfield
Director, Patient Strategy & Insights
Patty Duval
Vice President, Compliance & Risk Management
What do our clients say about our team?
"As a Rare Disease marketer, I had the pleasure of working with the Px Group for three years. Together we developed the first direct to patient marketing campaign that helped patients with a rare disease recognize their symptoms and empowered them to self- identify to their health care practitioners. Their attention to detail, and intimate knowledge of the patient ecosystem ensured that the program helped raise awareness and understanding of a disease that often goes undiagnosed for years."
"The Px Group is a true partner and delivers unrivaled expertise in understanding what’s important for patients suffering with rare and devastating diseases. The Px Group offers new ideas and novel solutions focused on the unique experiences of patients suffering with rare disease that you just can’t get with the bigger, cookie cutter agencies. "
"The account team at Px Group is second to none and is equally passionate and dedicated as we are. As a biopharmaceutical company that’s committed to transforming the lives of patients with rare diseases, Px is a trusted partner that has made a meaningful difference in helping us achieve our mission."